Friday, June 22, 2012

We must do what we can do.

As much as I was bouldering last year, I'm not bouldering now. I'm not bouldering as enthusiastically as when I was bouldering my most elusive and captivating projects.

Such is the extent of my not bouldering, that even if I wanted to boulder, I couldn't.

But I don't want to boulder at the moment, so my ankle is perfectly timed. If I did want to, I'd be in the same position.

Not bouldering.

As soon as I got word from the physio that I was allowed back on my bike, I went for a spin up Stocking Lane with Eoin. Patience was needed as I rested 3/4 times in a feeble attempt at the hill.

The following Wednesday I went out again on my own - in the rain. Took a couple of rests but felt altogether better.

Subsequent to that, relentless repetition of the various squats I've been ordered to do left me asserting my most convincing ascent of the lane to date on the following attempt. It was difficult, no doubt - but I didn't need a rest.

We took one to put on our rain jackets, but my legs felt well able for the climb.

Come what may, I'm out again tomorrow - I'm not bouldering any more at all... but there's still climbing to be done.

At the moment - I'm psyched to do what I can.

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