Monday, June 18, 2012


A relentless number of squats...

Apparently when an ankle is sprained, the knees and hips can suffer so it's important to complete at least 2500 squats every day...

Or at least that's how it feels.

The physio said I should increase my walking so I went for a 10km stroll taking plenty of rests up over the Spink in Glendalough yesterday... closest I've come to rocks since I did my ankle in... It's amazing up there, it's a part of Glendalough I never really knew was so accessible - lovely walk, beautiful views and every type of weather except snow.

We had endless amounts of lasagne waiting in the car when we returned - totally starved and dehydrated

Then when I got home there was physio homework to be done. Nearly 200 squats later, I felt like I had regressed to the sudden acquisition of Bambi legs... walking, standing, decision making - too much trouble -

Cup of tea and the couch... Much better.

But I've learned my lesson the hard way - going to bed before total and complete stretching of every muscle (front and back of the legs) from one's ass to one's big toe will result in upset by way of a lactic acid hang over from hell the following day.

It hurt - but it was worth it this morning.

Ankle is still balloon shaped by mid morning and remains that way until bedtime - It's with glee I awake in the morning to see my left ankle bone and the veins that run across it greeting me-

They match!

By the time breakfast is over, lefty's all puffed up again.

With that in mind - it's time for more squats...

4 more weeks of this... then I'm allowed tape my ankle for the rest of my days and I can do whatever I please!!!

Morale is high.

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