Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A pause button maybe?

I imagined what falling from a boulder would be like with my new ankle last evening...

It didn't bear thinking about - the thoughts of turning it again make me wince - it's so unstable and floppy - there's nothing stopping it anymore and the pain would probably lift me back up into the air again.

After years of training how to fall, I'm pretty good at knowing which way is up and down and how to land on my feet and stop - unfortunately, now there's nothing stopping my ankle rolling.

There was a part of me that missed bouldering last evening and wondered how long it would be before I get back - I'm starting to think it might be more of a psychological game than a physical one at this point.

Something tells me my ankle will be ready before my mind is.

Pain is the great leveler.

1 comment:

  1. Could you strap it somehow in your rock shoe? When my Ankle was sore i tried to land one footed... there is always a way :o)

    Your blog reads like the musings of an addict - pain may be a great leveler but passion for your sport can act like an anaesthetic

    Happy healing!!