Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bouldering Essentials - Dave Flanagan

I had my first look at this book, written by Dave Flanagan, today at Awesome Walls and its a really lovely thing. It's brilliantly laid out, the images illustrate it beautifully and the book as an object has a fresh and enduring look to it.

The images jump off the page and act as eye candy for the next trip away, as well as, in other instances, acting as step by step guides to different techniques, equipment or exercises that every boulderer should know about.

A load of thought has gone into this book and its an absolute joy to flip through and read or just to have a gander at the pictures! I can't wait until my copy arrives, and am thrilled to have had a small part in its coming together.

Did I mention its Irish too!

Go get it.