Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Diagnosis.

Torn Ligaments... The pain will go away, the swelling will go away - but the ligaments, once torn, will always be torn.

So it's a management issue for the rest of my days...

6-8 weeks before I can climb again.

And so it begins...
Stage 3: recovery.


  1. Ah jaysus, that's shite, hope you are on the mend soon !!

  2. Sorry to hear that Trish. I tore a ligament in my knee, took a long time to heal but it got better eventually.

  3. You need to jump into Stage 4: Binge Eating. ASAP. It's my only alternative to rock climbing. I gained 16 pounds after hurting my back. It was amazing.


    Campus every boulder problem (even the slopers) and only land on your butt.

    Plenty of options.

    Get well soon, Trish.