Saturday, August 20, 2011

Weather warning ;)

Despite perfectly sunny skies this morning Hurricane Johnno hit the cave today and ripped through 'Solstice' (7a+), 'Maneater' (7b+) and 'Bring out the Swans' (7b+), Previously in the week 'The Funk' (7b+) had also been torn up in only one session, and early reports show, he'll be back.

Class Act.

Solstice didn't come together for me today at all!, I regressed on it, if anything!!

I've caught the crux move loads of times, but just couldn't do it today.

At all.

I realised I didn't actually know why I was missing the move, and had just been doing it intuitively before... but again - it was body position that ended up being the crucial missing factor.

Ron suggested that I shift my weight right as I drop onto the left catch which is the crux (for me anyway!) - my feet kept slipping but the shift in weight over to the right certainly worked and I got very psyched to try it over and over - it gives me more time to move my hand - it's less of an all out dynamic drop - but I was too tired to keep repeating it and finally had to just call it a day.

I was disappointed with my session today, but I have to look at the bigger picture - I can do all the moves from the start of Loco, I can link that up into Solstice - and from the jug on Solstice I have done the end of the problem in previous sessions... It's all there for the taking.

I never really stopped working at it today and despite failing and falling over and over, it's all money in the bank and I'm always learning.

Ron was catching the crux move on Solstice in a very casual manner and moved through towards the end a good few times today. It seems like the line is coming together nicely for him.

Ron working Solstice (7a+)

The tide times meant that it was an early start to the climbing session, and on a Saturday morning, I thought it would just be a few of us there...

Myself and Shane drove by a lonely looking Johnno on Pearse Street, but I knew Claire would be there to pick him up, so we kept on driving -

Parked up in Howth and the two were right behind us.

By the time myself, Claire, Johnno and Shane got to the Cave, Eamon and Matt had already set up and begun climbing.

Darragh on Loco Total (7a)

It wasn't long before we were joined by Darragh, Paul and Leo. Then Ron and his dog Bella. Bella had the right idea and while the rest of us climbed in the dark cave, she lay out in the sunshine.

Chris soon followed and the Cave was filled with people climbing in every direction!!

Despite my personal disappointment - it was a great session and beautiful way to start a Saturday.

Claire working Loco Total (7a)

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