Saturday, August 20, 2011


Todays regression on Solstice, which led to me discovering more about what technique I need to do the crux made me think of the frustration I used to feel when attempting to solve my Grand-dad's Rubix Cube.

In the beginning I'd just move the colours around intuitively and not think too much about the final outcome.

Then it would look as though it was coming together and I'd have trouble trying to figure out how to get all the colours on one side without messing other bits up!!

Finally, I'd realise that in order to make progress, I'd have to undo some of the more completed sides of the puzzle. In order for the whole thing to come together - I'd have to look at the all the sides I was ignoring and not just the one that was most complete.

Likewise with Solstice - in order to know exactly how to do the problem - the progress that I had initially made was undone (albeit not by choice). I was frustrated at first, for sure, but in the end, it led to me knowing what I need to do! (Cheers Ron)

If I only focus on moves that I can do easily, then everything will seem comfortable, and one side of the rubix cube will nearly be done... but everything else will just be a mess!

No point in that, cause I really want to send the line!

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