Wednesday, August 17, 2011


John bat-hanging out of the foot jams on 'Solstice'

Met Dave and Caroline on the way to the Cave this evening - had a nice old chat and tried to persuade them Cavewards, but they had stuff to do - so I went to catch my train -

Met John in Sutton and headed to the Cave!

I had been granted a half day by my boss in work today - the long hours of the last few weeks had taken their toll - 12-15 hour days of major pressure for almost 2 weeks had left me all but brain dead and at about midday I was called into my boss' office and it was pointed out that the day was beautiful, and I should head off at 1pm and enjoy an afternoon off...

Eh.... ok? Cave anyone?

John and Kev quickly responded and I was off!

Delighted to just be out of the office and on rock, I told myself it didn't matter that I was feeling tired and things weren't coming together, but if I'm honest I was a bit miffed.

John had a very business like session - he warmed up as usual and got on his project link up -

I believe my post yesterday might have been quite misleading - Yesterday evening, John had linked Maneater (7b+) and The Funk (7b+) - it's a link that had eluded him until last night.

Tonight Kev and I watched as he linked - from right at the back of the Cave - 'Destroyer', Maneater and The Funk, which is the full extent of the line he had been projecting for quite some time. There was a sense that this would be the attempt that he'd send the line - and I didn't say anything, and Kev didn't say anything and we just watched as John made his way through the line.

Our silence finally broke into encouragement when John was going for the crux move, which is the crux throw on The Funk. He made it and looked super solid.

Holding the final hold, he was chuffed to bits. He dropped off the hold and he seemed happy out from there!

John had told me it was easily the longest he had tried a problem and that the process of working a problem for such a long time had taught him a lot.

Chris arrived along and soon after that Colm showed up.

The session was a little tired as I struggled with Solstice (7a+) and Kev's arm started hurting and Chris was still feeling the effects of the major session in the Cave last night.

I just went into drill mode, and repeated moves over and over again until they were nailed down. Didn't make any progress tonight, but the moves are now clear in my head - and perhaps on a fresh day, I'll have gained valuable experience from tonight's not too inspiring session!

With Kev's arm in pain, and with John having sent his project - the two headed off.

Shane arrived out and sent Caroline's Traverse (6b) - great effort! He then got onto Loco Total (7a) and figured out his sequence.

Chris working Undertow (7c) ... at least I think that's what he was trying! Not so familiar with that side of the Cave yet!

Chris worked on (i think) Undertow (7c) - and despite complaints of being tired - looked strong, but I've no experience on the line, so I've no idea of crux's etc... it all looked good though!

As the sun dipped in the sky it was time to call it a night. A couple of rest days are in order now before I give Solstice a serious go on Saturday morning. Tide driven early start.


On the walk in today we had to climb over a low bit of rock to get to the Cave. I followed the guys down the far side of the rock and my shin got hammered. Later on in the evening I was foot jamming on Solstice and after I dropped off finishing hold, and Colm was about to pull on - he said - somebody's drawn blood!

I had pulled so hard on my ankles, that my left ankle got a nice bloody scratch.

I'm currently covered in scratches, cuts, bruises and my body is absolutely spent tired.

Best half day ever!!

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