Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Exhaustion set in during work today and it was evident to all around me that yesterday's 15 hour stint had my brain fried.

They sent me home at 5.30pm.

I had text around to see if anyone would be in the Co op, but most of the texts I got back said that the Cave was the place to be.

Claire received a cheeky text from me, saying that if she happened to be in town and wanted to go to the Cave I'd coincidentally be in town too, and coincidentally would also be interested in going to the Cave.

I was pretty sure she'd have gone already, so when my phone beeped with a text saying, 'ah yeah, haven't left yet, I'll pick you up at 6.30', my exhaustion was replaced by adrenaline as I sprinted home, changed into Cave appropriate attire and ran to catch the Luas to get into town and meet Claire.

Good crowd out at the Cave and with time against us, I got straight to work, warmed up and jumped on Solstice (7a+).

Made the crux move but only started from the jug just before it. I'm not even thinking about the foot jams anymore, which is nice - although I don't know how I feel about having that much faith in my hands... but I do - so I made good progress again tonight.

John had to show me my sequence, as I had forgotten it, despite about 2 hours work on the line on Sunday.

My brain really is fried today.

But the end sequence came together for me and I think with a good night's sleep behind me before the next session - I have it clear in my head now.

Ron had strung the end sequence together before I arrived, but the line didn't come together for him from the start today.

Claire looks to have the moves on Loco Total wired now, it's just a matter of stringing the line together. Her sequence includes a wide array of sneaky heel hooks, knee bars and foot placements that I'd never even have thought of trying...

I think it's called technique or something?? ;)

The Funk (7b+) seems as though it'll come together for Kev in the next session or two. It looked like he'd finish it this evening on one of the attempts I watched.

Before I'd arrived, the guys told me John had strung together his link up into 'The Funk' - (please see the 6million or so photos I've posted of him on the line in previous posts!)

Fair dues.

Chris was working some line, that I don't know the name of - again, he looked strong on it.

Short but sweet session.

We all walked out to the backdrop of a pretty stunning sunset, the guys had been slagging me about forgetting my camera - but I was actually pretty disappointed to have missed photographing the sky tonight. Very beautiful indeed

On the way home in Claire's car, I put my ipod on and now, not only has my music pretty much been vetoed in the Co op, it was vetoed in Claire's car this evening too...

I really need to improve my taste in music!

Thanks for rescuing my day Claire!!!

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