Sunday, August 14, 2011

No Fear!

The walk from Sutton Dart Station to the cave was arduous today, however I think it did me good. My head was fuzzy after heading to the gig last night, and by the time I got to the cave - though I needed a long sit down - I felt a bit better.

It was such a beautiful day and the Cave was in mint condition.

John was there when I arrived, and as he worked on some new project at the very back of the Cave, I got to work on 'Afterthought' (6b). It came together pretty quickly for me. I needed some beta on the end moves, and it's definitely worth having them nailed down, because 2 or 3 of the lines in the cave incorporate that sequence.

I sent the line and was pretty happy out after that. Shane and Colm arrived along and there was a good buzz of energy about the session.

Shane worked on Caroline's Traverse (6b) and Colm hopped on Loco Total (7a). Colm's first couple of attempts looked strong, but I think it was his third go on it - he just blasted through the moves and sent the line. Brilliant effort from him!

Colm - about to top out on Loco Total (7a)

I played on 'Deepthroat' (6b+) for a while, and even after John demoed the middle of it for me, I soon found out that the crux move is really burley and will take some practice before my muscles learn how to complete the move.

Deepthroat (6b+)

It's super intense on my left arm, and so after I started feeling pain in my shoulder, I walked away from it. It's a cool line, but I'm not strong enough yet.

Having completed Loco Total, Colm joked that once one line is complete, so a new obsession begins... It was then that 'Solstice' (7a+) came into sharp focus for him. I took the opportunity to work the line with him and to my surprise, I made some great progress on it today.

John's spotting stance

I repeated the moves I'd done before (which I hadn't repeated since) and then I tried it from the start (which is the opening sequence of Loco Total) and made it to the crux, which is a drop backwards onto a fairly positive hold, that I get like an under cut - because I'm upside down ish!

Me on Solstice (7a+)

I tried it over and over again, and finally gave into the fact that I was just too tired.

Shane was working on Loco Total and fairly much did all the moves, some in sequence - it's such a cool line!

Shane on Loco Total (7a)

Having gone away to do some handstands and ponder taking my rock boots off and putting my sandals back on, ending my session - Colm suddenly shouted over: 'Trish can you show me how you do the throw on Solstice'

I pulled on and made the throw and kept going. John and Colm both spotted me as I moved through to the foot jams, that scare the be-jesus out of me. John called out beta, and I was able to move through the final section that had eluded me due to fear in the past.

I thanked Colm for getting me back on the line, as it was the most progress I had made all day!

John on his link up project

John came so very close to finishing his link up between Maneater (7b+) and The Funk (7b+). From the ground it looked like it would be done, but then suddenly he dropped off the line - so close! Amazing effort.

We all finished up and again, I was lucky enough to catch a lift all the way to Rathmines, thanks to Shane. As I walked back home, the Chinese Takeout was too tempting and I thought - after such a nice and successful weekend's bouldering I'd treat myself to the first takeout I've had since about January!


Ayton's Cave

Colm on Afterthought (6b)

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