Monday, July 13, 2015

Rocklands (part 1)

When we landed in Capetown we were all pretty bleary eyed. Getting from the plane to the car that we rented for the few weeks seemed to only take moments in the grander scheme of things to come. Then we were off and aside from missing a turn we had no trouble finding our way out of Capetown and onto the big long road up to Clanwilliam and finally on to the Cederberg Wilderness Area.

It was dark when we arrived having done a completely disjointed shop, we arrived with dinner on our minds. We picked up the keys from Charite and followed her directions down 3km of dirt track (bumpy as hell and not for the faint hearted!) and in the pitch black, we arrived at our little cottage.

On night 1 with only a few lamb chops but no oil or butter to cook them, we used the two cooking rings to prepare our dinner. If we'd been smart, we'd have thought of asking for firewood. These cottages are great - but they have no insulation and they become absolutely freezing some evenings. If you don't have a fire on the go - it's a little desperate!!!  In fact there were some evenings in Rocklands that I sat in front of the fire with my big down jacket and my hat eating dinner! Every other night that we were there, we cooked on the fire - it was the only way to prepare the large quantities of meat we ate!

I remember going asleep that evening. I was completely spaced out from the flight and I was so so excited about climbing in the morning.

We slept for at least 12 hours.

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