Friday, June 19, 2015

FFA... In Ireland... Ok, in Wicklow.

My post last week got my 'big fish, small pond' brain going and I thought I'd make a list of things I might have the FFA (First Female Ascent) on, around Wicklow and Dublin.

Nu Rails
Rhythm & Stealth
The Groove SS
White Stick
Tim's Mantle

Glendalough (maybe but I doubt it)
Chillax Left

Mall Hill
Living the Dream


The Scalp
Dark Angle

The Scalp (maybe but I doubt it)
Gully's Problem
Gen Tilly

Aytons Cave
Loco Total
Man Eater

I care. It's a mark I've worked pretty hard for. I'd really be interested to hear if there's girls about who've done any of the problems Ive listed prior to my ascents. For instance, I imagine Chillax went waaaaaaay before I did it and there are a few others in there that I think might be a little hopeful...

I might find some time tomorrow to add dates to these ascents...

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