Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mall Hi, Glendalo, Glenmalu, The Scalp.

Had a grand auld tour of indecision, rain, fog, mist and finally beaming sunshine as we drove around Wickow, ending up in The Scalp as a final resort.

The 'Dark Angle' side of the valley was in the shade and assumed wet (I checked Dark Angle and it was manky so we discarded the idea of climbing on that side)

The 'Crimp Narris' side of the valley was basked in sunshine and we kicked off our bouldering day on Gully's Problem (6b). I couldn't get it together on it today, and anyway - the side pull undercut was wet and horrid. Tom sent it in the end and myself and Dave were happy enough to walk away.

I had walked over to check out 'Crimp Narris' (7a) earlier and on my way back, I stumbled upon the cutest ever little kid goat lying in the sun. He was tiny and with his little legs splayed beneath him and not moving despite me kneeling beside him, tickling in behind his ears, I assumed he had fallen from one of the blocks beside him and was either injured or dying.

I called the guys over and Tom came down to have a look. He immediately spotted the problem... I'm a city girl and haven't got a clue. The goat was just chilling in the sunshine.

Caroline came over after and took some photos of the little fellow.

In the end he got to his feet and made is way over to the cave beside Crimp Narris and curled himself up under there. After finishing up on Gully's Problem, we headed over after him to climb Crimp Narris and he lay there and watched us.

We made our own problem up as we assumed the 7a pulled directly through the crimps and straight over the top. With several holds out to the right, Dave, Tom and I sent the problem and we reckoned our variation went at about 6b. Very good fun indeed.

Last on the list was Gin Tully, a lovely arete down by the roadside. The fence was all mangled along the way since the last time I was there though and it made it difficult to access the problem.

When we got there I couldn't really remember the beta that Shane had told me the last time I was there, but I was happy to send the line in the end. Perhaps not staying as right as I could have towards the end, but it felt every bit the grade it is, so I'm pretty satisfied I didn't cheat... too much!! ;)

Cool line anyway! Looking forward to going to it again and remain right right right (completely right!) as I exit!!

Went for cake in Enniskerry afterwards, undoing the good of any exercise during the day.

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