Sunday, December 11, 2011


The plan was set. We were to hit Wicklow for some much anticipated granite based bouldering today.

Last weekend had been a disaster, as we set off early on Sunday for Wicklow and Neal picked up myself, Jonno and Dec along the way and we drove and it rained, but nobody said anything about the rain and we just kept driving. We drove all the way to Larragh and finally Neal piped up and said... Is there any reason I'm still driving towards Glendalough...

Everyone agreed... there wasn't.

So we stopped and had hot chocolate and Dec bought some mince pies...

In the end we headed back for some indoor bouldering.

Today, Dec picked me up along the Nll and we drove towards Wicklow... and like an action replay, it began to rain again.

Tom had called me earlier with bad news - he was in Wicklow and it was raining. His plan was to stop for a coffee in Roundwood and then head back for some indoor climbing in Dublin.

Pfff..... so disappointed!

Dec and I reluctantly admitted that the boulders would probably be wet, so we turned the car around and began to drive back to Dublin too...

We called James and Tim who had much the same plan as Tom, but were stopping in Larragh instead. As Dec and I drove back, it started to brighten up, and it was soon the case that psyche levels were back up, and we turned around again and headed towards Wicklow.

Tim and James were having coffee, and Tom said he'd join us. The slightly brighter sky had everyone thinking the day could yet be salvaged! After hanging out in the Cafe for about an hour or so, we drove to Glendalough and on the walk in we were tricked by the trees that sheltered us from the spitting rain, and lead us to believe that it might be dry in the valley.

There was even a breeze!


Once we walked free of the trees, we were hit by the rain and it only got heavier and heavier.

James about to pour tea... there was lots of tea today.

Finally we bailed in under the shelter of the 'Rails' boulder to eat some sandwiches and drink some tea and try to decide what to do.

It was back to Dublin with the lot of us for some plastic based climbing.

The weather continued to be rubbish as the rain refused to give over outside which eased the pain of bouldering indoors for the second weekend in a row.

Had good craic today with the guys, but was bantered off a pretty easy climb when Paul arrived in. Last move, on a jug and between Paul and Tim's guff, all my energy was pouring into laughing and I had to bail to the floor below.


Really would love to get on some rock next weekend. Fun and all as today was - it's no substitute for bouldering.

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