Friday, November 25, 2011

More Proof it Happened... Fontainebleau, The Movie!

There are over 100 photos of our trip to Fontainbleau on Facebook... at least 15 pages of writing about it on this blog....

Here's the video, Enjoy x

Climbers: Michael Duffy, Chris Rooney, Ricky Bell, Barry O Dwyer, Tim Chapman, Paul Mitchell, Shane Mitchell, Kev Moroney, Trish Fox

Shot by Ricky Bell, Kev Moroney and Chris Rooney,

Edited by Ricky Bell and Chris Rooney

Problems in order of appearance:

Transition 6C
Pensées Cachées 7B
Hotline 7C
L'Arete 7A+
Gargantoit 7A+
Faux Contact 7A+
Egoiste 7A
Fata Morgana Bas 8B
Graviton 7A
Irreversible 7C
Onde de Choc 7B
Le Surplomb de la Coquille 6C
Karma 8A
Le Surplomb 7A
Le Mur du Son 7C
Misericorde 7C+
Zen 7A
Graviton 7A
Duel 8A
Atmosphere 7A
Festin de Pierre 7A
Egoiste 7A

Thanks for the list Chris!!

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