Thursday, October 20, 2011


Tonight was one of those nights.

I got to the wall and my body and brain said 'nope' in perfect unison...

It was one of those sessions when I had to think to myself, what have I been doing all this time and why isn't it paying off?!

I had to MAKE myself attempt every problem and every move. Frustration crept in and I found myself getting annoyed that I couldn't do moves that usually come easy, or I could do a move one minute, and not the next. Or, I'd do a hard move, and then bail off the easy move that followed...


My brain soon lost interest and psyche just plummeted. At the end of the session I thought, I'm just wasting my time with all this core conditioning - that's why I failed tonight - I spend too much time doing sit ups and not enough time climbing...

Hang on...

So I knew that wasn't right, I sat down and had a drink of water and tried to focus on the positives...

What positives?, I thought... Hmmm, the 3 hours I spent in the Co op tonight seemed to be a write-off...

Ok so,

1) I just spent 3 hours climbing... failing at every attempt, but climbing never the less
2) I tried 2 new problems
3) This is the first 'bad session' I've had in AGES.
4) The warm ups I did tonight were my projects not so long ago.

Ok - they're the positives,

So I went and did some conditioning... but not as much as I'd normally do...

I have to think to myself now though, that every session can't be amazing - and every session isn't amazing - so maybe today I'm just tired, or I'm not 100% or whatever, but I think it's worth pinning down when I feel like this.

Since I started this training bracket, I've become far stronger than I was, and even though I know that, I constantly expect a lot of myself and constantly want to do the next problem and the next move... I have to realise that some days, that might not happen...

Rarely enough does it happen... but I was ready to give up on tonight's training -

I have to make do with whatever my body can handle on these days and walk away knowing that I put the time in, and in the long run it's going to pay off.


  1. You're not the first, I am sure you know that but a good piece of self-analysis all the same. I'm full of praise these days.....

  2. Thanks Barry!, Usually I'm pretty good at just brushing off a bad session and having a laugh instead of taking it seriously... but tonight I suppose I was in a mood or something!!

    Self-analysis is the way forward!!!

  3. Don't beat yourself up Trish. Some evenings are best spent in the cinema or theatre or going for a walk at night along the sea front in Sandymount. You have to rest the mind as well as the body sometimes.