Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Left Foot.

Left alone these things rarely get better –

About a week ago there was something loose in the sole of my foot. It wasn’t sore – it just moved about as I walked, and left me quite nervous about what might have been happening.

Oddly enough, when I put shoes on, the ‘something’ in the sole of my foot stopped moving about. Perhaps it's the support of the shoe that fixes in place whatever is loose.

It doesn't bother my climbing one little bit.

On Saturday night, whilst walking to get into town, my foot started hurting for no reason at all… I get twinges and niggles all the time and thought little of it.

That night, my foot got worse and worse and I went into this sort of denial and didn’t complain about it and refused to believe it was anything that couldn’t be sorted out by a good night’s sleep.

It’s Tuesday now and I can’t walk on it at all.

The pain in my foot and whatever’s loose in the base of it seem to be completely separate as problems – when whatever’s loose starts to move, it doesn’t cause the pain which is occurring in the outside part of my foot below my ankle, and half way down from my little toe.

Physio’s booked for 5pm…

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