Saturday, September 3, 2011


When we arrived it was wet. Everything was wet, and it occurred to me that I should have sent my project one of the other 6 sessions I've had on it during the last week.

Shane kept in good spirits, and reminded me that the climbing in the Cave is always fun regardless. So I pottered about on the start of Carolines traverse which was slightly less soaked than the end, which was unclimbable.

Shane found some holds on Loco that were marginally dryer still and started working bits and pieces. He stayed positive about the whole thing, but I was approaching an anti-psyche - big time.

Chris arrived along and confirmed that the Cave was in a pretty depressing state! Even 'The Funk' was wet!!

Weirdly we all just kept pottering about climbing this move and that move and before we knew it, the Cave had started to dry out. Properly dry out.

There was a good breeze and not only was it becoming dryer - the holds on Solstice felt better than they did on Thursday. Maybe it was to do with the fact that they had been washed out?

Chris started working a new entry into Solstice that sit starts around the middle of Caroline's Traverse and links up with the jug in the middle of Loco.

I had a go at the end sequence of Solstice and with every last finger placement worked out - with the exact position of how I like my feet to be - all clear in my head - it felt solid.

I took a few minutes and pulled on to the start of Loco expecting nothing. I thought if it wasn't too wet and I made it to the rest point, I'd be in with a shot. The knee bar was excruciating, but it had to be done and I milked the rest for as long as I needed to.

Deep breath, and I just hit every move one after the other. I got my foot into the jam before the final section and thought - 'it's easy from here - don't take anything for granted though!'

I made sure of everything and as I went out onto the last couple of moves Chris said, 'come on stick with it!' Exactly what I needed to hear - it would have been all too easy to rush and mess it up - but I stuck with attempting to move accurately and deliberately.

Left hand out to the crimp - Right heel up and JAMMED! - Right hand crossed over to the Glory Jug - Matched...


It was a long time coming, but Solstice is done. I loved every second of working it and every second of my send.

Chris then put together his new line and Shane started piecing together the end of Solstice.

I sat back and started taking photos!

To warm down Chris did Maneater, with no knee bars! ;)

Brilliant morning.

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