Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blinkers back on.

It seemed like I just went to the Cave today for fun - afterall, I'd ticked my project for the Summer yesterday...

I found it difficult to focus at first, I'd received a text from Shane this morning saying he'd be a bit late collecting me... which woke me up... I threw on what are now my Cave clothes and legged it out the door, so by the time I got to the Cave I was really only waking up!!

I sat and ate my breakfast and had a chat with Claire and Eamon and Colm.

Claire asked me if the pressure was off and wondered if I'd just chill now. It certainly felt like that yesterday. When a project gets ticked, I feel on top of the world, and I can't stop smiling and everything is great, but as soon as I got on Maneater today, the blinkers went back on.

I want that line now and with time running out on the Cave season, it's going to be a tall order to get it done, but I strung together the first half of it today. I hear the middle bit is the crux. I'll have to see what happens with it, but these last few sessions of the Summer, I'll go out fighting!

This weekend has been pretty cool from my point of view. Claire got on Loco Total today and crushed it. She was absolutely chuffed to bits and I said to her that I thought it was pretty cool that the girls were crushing the lines in the Cave this weekend.

It was a great effort!!

Shane and I walked back from the Cave and I was almost lifted off my feet when the wind caught my boulder pad a few times, as the sky spat rain!

The coast of Howth can be a spectacularly beautiful place to spend a morning or an evening with dramatic skies, wonderful sunsets, to the back drop of South Dublin and the Wicklow mountains, as seals bob their heads up from the water and some pretty spectacular birds fly by - we even had an aerobatic display from some bats last week...

The walk out today was pretty miserable though!

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