Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nice Night Out!

A lovely climbing talk followed by a lovely meal with a 'long time, no see' friend.

I haven't seen Kev in ages, he's in Canada and we're always in touch, but as always it's no substitute for a pint and a chat.

I gave up artistic gymnastics when I was 14, and joined a trampoline class in UCD soon there after. When the exams in UCD meant that the hall was to be used for students sitting tests rather than me bouncing on a trampoline for a whole month, I immediately looked for alternative training facilities and found DCU.

I arrived out to DCU and no one was trampolining. The guys were ALL artistic gymnasts. Never the less they were more than happy to help me set up the trampoline they had, in the corner for the month that UCD Sports Centre was closed for exams. I could train as I liked and any help I needed, they gave. That was in 1998 and that's when I met Kev.

Kev did a bit of climbing back, way back, years ago.

He arrived back from Canada last week after a bit of stint away and I couldn't wait to meet up with him again. It's been too long... as usual!

I was looking forward to Ricky Bell's talk, but had forgotten it was on this evening, and had planned to meet Kev for food/drinks. I considered my options and decided that as Kev had climbed many moons ago - he'd be more than happy to come along to the talk!!!

I met him for an ultra quick pint (singular) before, that went straight to my head, having not eaten since lunchtime!

There was a good turn out for Ricky's talk, it seemed like everyone knew everyone - I love the climbing scene that way. I was riveted to Ricky's footage - mostly because (as he pointed out) the footage was of little boulder problem after little boulder problem, very very high up on the long trad routes he was piecing together.

I tried to make sense of the rope work and the gear placement or whatever... but in the end - I thought... no need to understand it now - just look at the climbing!

I've no clue about all trad stuff, and to be honest - watching the climbing was enough in itself. This was no 'stand on ledges and place gear' trad climbing - the moves were all bold and on the edge.

Very impressive indeed... I'm still trying to get my head around it, cause I've a bit of a fear of heights...

We had to dash off after - Kev had struck gold with a voucher for a free dinner and two pints across town and we were starved...

Lovely talk... Lovely free smoke salmon dinner...

Lovely night.

Thanks Ricky, thanks Kev!!

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