Friday, September 9, 2011


I brought the cookies I'd made last night, and Claire brought along Apple Crumble... but despite all the sugar, sunshine and good humour we could muster... the Cave was absolutely manky.

And it didn't dry, and it didn't look like drying.

It was so sunny and hot and humid today, I couldn't believe it. I got to the cave and was as psyched to sunbathe as climb anything...

We had soon given up on the Cave (but not before cookies!!) and we headed over to John's newly discovered problems. The spray from the sea was unreal though and the first of his problems that one arrives at (Stool Pigeon (7a+)) was soaked.

The sea was pretty dramatic today... for the east coast!... and wind just carried with it so much moisture. We carried on over to Feral (6c+) and John's new project and both were greasy damp.

Feral (6c+)

Myself and Claire sat back while the lads attempted to dry the rock... We got a slagging for our laziness but for all their good efforts, the guys didn't make a huge impact on the state of the rock's condition. John's project seemed climbable... ish - but 'Feral' was a write off, with it's tiny edges and intricate foot placements... all damp.

John and Kev NSync!

We all had a bit of a play on the chossy rock that makes up the scramble out, and as much fun as that was... ;) .... Myself, Kev and Claire all stopped climbing and were happy enough to hang out on the Howth Coast line watching out for seals and eating apple crumble.

John made some progress on his project, which is really nice to photograph. It has some amazing moves.

In the end Wicklow sent grey clouds our way and as the wind picked up and the rock stayed wet... we decided to call it a day.

Not the most energetic climbing session I ever had... in fact I think I can call this evening's effort - a write off...

But it's always good to make an effort what ever happens.

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