Thursday, November 3, 2011

Last Sunday

Went to Glendalough last Sunday with Tom, and the conditions were good.

Finally I thought... Some rock contact!

By the end of the day though, I realised it might have been too long since I had been in contact with rock... Although I made short work of 'Smear Test' and another couple of warm ups on Big Jim, I felt out of touch with what Diarmuid has referred to in the past as 'the subtleties of granite bouldering'...

All this rain has left me a little clunky in my climbing.

Tom blasted through Glendalough on Sunday. I always thought Barry's Problem was a tough one for the grade - especially since the patio of rocks have been moved from the start of it... Tom made the opening throw easily and once the end of the problem was worked out over a subsequent number of attempts, the problem was put away quickly.

I find the opening throw very difficult. Tom said he thought the power was driven mostly through his feet rather than his arms... Still though - it's a long way!

Aside from the opening throw, I nailed down the end sequence, so that, if on a really good day - I catch the throw - the problem from there is pretty well wired.

Paul relived his Yosemite glory days and jammed up the crack in fine style!

Tom seemed eager to head over to Andy's Arete. He assured us that he'd only have a couple of attempts on it... I said, one never only has a couple of attempts on Andy's Arete, as it is the most frustrating problem in Glendalough.

I only had a few uninspired and lackluster attempts before I remembered that my foot had only just stopped hurting after the last time I was on it...

Tom attempted to get to grips with the annoying foot placement, and Paul tried sending it the 'high foot' way, but slip after slip after slip, it was soon time to finish up...

We moved over to Pokery and though I didn't make it up the problem - there was a definite difference in my ability on it.

I've done it before a couple of times, however, in the past I had to get it on my first or second attempt, as the opening move used to leave my shoulders in bits... I find it very powerful. On Sunday I caught that throw easily, time after time, and the rest of the problem seemed to be coming together at each attempt, but every time, my foot would slip, or I couldn't pull through the last move or whatever...

Anyway, despite not sending it, I did notice an improvement in strength that has developed since the last time I was on the problem.

Shane arrived along and warmed up on the Pokery and after all the lads had finished it... Tom noted that it was a little awkward that I was the only one that hadn't sent the line!!!!

Brats! ;)

Paul on Pascal's

In between Barry's Problem and Pokery, we had a short stint on Pascals... but with no beta, motivation waned and we all moved on.

After all the guys had sent Pokery, it began to spit rain and Tom was ready to hit the road.

I was shattered and a little deflated at my efforts.

The only thing of note, I'd done all day was 'Duffy's Slap' first go... I had hoped after a Summer of training my ass off, I might have done a little better, but I suppose I can just put it down to a bad day?!

Always good to get on rock, and this weekend looks like it's going to be mint...

I'll be in Font though :)

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  1. I would like to point out that all the tape was for the crack on big jim and not the result of catastrophic finger injuries! :-) Nice pics Trish, have fun in font