Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Daniel Woods Flashes V14/15

posted by dpm on 11/29/2011

You’ve probably heard it around a campfire, slurred from the mouth of a drunken young rock grommet, “Man, in the future people are gonna be sending V20 and FLASHING V15!” Well, apparently the future is now. Daniel Woods has completed the unthinkable with a first try, flash ascent of Entlinge (V14/15) in Murgtal, Switzerland.

The boulder problem was originally put up by Swiss legend Fred Nicole in 2005. It saw a second and third ascent by Bernd Zangerl and Franz Widmer in 2009. The original grade on the line was V15 and Daniel seems to be the first to dispute it, suggesting V14. Up until now, the V13 grade has been flashed by a handful of individuals including Paul Robinson, James Pearson, Adam Ondra, Tyler Landman, Fred Nicole, and others. It’s not commonplace but it happens. In 2009, Adam Ondra flashed Cresciano’s Confessions, a problem considered V14 by some and V13 by others. His flash was likely the hardest until today. Regardless of where the grade stands on Entlinge (V14 or V15), Daniel’s ascent is certainly the hardest flash ascent in the history of bouldering.

This remarkable send begs the question “How can V15 represent the upper end of the current grading scale and be flashed?” I know on a personal level that what I can flash bouldering is far easier than what I can do after many days of effort. Do you think the V15 grade has been ‘compressed’ or do you think Daniel is capable of V17 and beyond? Perhaps both?

Source: Facebook, 27crags.com, UKclimbing.com, 8a.nu

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