Saturday, October 15, 2011


Alarm clock went off at 7.30am this morning and I was out the door to meet Howard for 8am.

We drove to Parkwest to steal old mattresses from a damp skip and got told off by some manager dude who said we weren't insured to be in his skip taking mattresses...

We had them packed in the van by the time he came along, so there wasn't much he could do about it.

Met Ron back at the Co op and we all donned face masks to prevent dying of suffocation through inhalation of clouds of thick dust and chalk which seemed to take endless repetitions of hoovering and sweeping to clear.

Once that was done, the new mattresses were laid down and we had a coffee and croissant break... After which came possibly the most frustrating job I've ever undertaken to complete.

Stitching mattresses together with pretty blunt screwdrivers and ties is something I'll definitely shy away from doing again, however - the mattresses are now stitched in place and stitched to the ground so they shouldn't ever move again...


It was an immense team effort and after laying down and tying the tarp in place, it all seemed absolutely worth it.

Ron, Simon, Howard, Michael, Dec, Chris and I worked our asses off today - it took about 7 hours... but I think you'll agree...

It was worth it:

I now need to sleep for quite some time...

Absolutely SHATTERED.


  1. Place looks great now. I see Big Jim snook in just as all the hard work was done.

  2. Thanks Dave! Just realised the photos only show the climbing area - the amount of SPACE we cleared down the back is pretty awesome considering how tiny it seemed before... It's been feng-shui...ed.