Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rained Out!

Tried to get a second day's bouldering in Glendalough done today, but as we drove towards Wicklow it began to spit rain... then it stopped and brightened up a bit...

Shane stayed optimistic and said it'd be grand, that it would just be small showers.

The sky stopped and started spitting rain all the way to Glendalough car park. We had gone all that way, and it had been such a long time since Shane had been at the boulders there, that we decided to at least make the walk in.

We made it to just past the trees before the rain started lashing and the wind began to really pick up.


Walking extra fast back to the car, the decision was made to hit the Co op for a session. It'd have been a shame not to get any bouldering in, after all!!

Ended up having a really good session with Shane, James and Joe - we even created a great new problem with lots of slopers...

exactly what I need to be training on!!

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