Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pavlova?, Jellies?...

Ron arrived out to the Cave yesterday and executed my plan perfectly...

He arrived, warmed up and crushed Solstice.

Myself, Diarmuid, Steve, Eamon and others had been there for a while and the first part of my plan went off without a hitch! I warmed up, did the second half of Solstice without any issue and jumped on the start of Loco Total which is the extension of it - making up the entire line.

Missed the crux, missed the crux, missed the crux...

It was after my first few attempts that Ron arrived out to the Cave, he quietly moved through Solstice and the whole thing looked casual. He claimed his success on the line was due to the pavlova he'd had earlier!

Colm finishing up on Loco Total

Colm Shannon is up for the weekend wondering what all the Cave fuss is about, and it would seem he's hooked! He demolished Loco Total yesterday and found a pretty cool alternatively angled knee bar rest, in the same place I take mine, but his looks more solid.

He claimed in the car on the way to the Cave yesterday that he'd be happy if he could just get Loco Total done before he left Dublin. Having made such short work of it, he turned his focus to Solstice and claimed he'd be happy if he could just get Solstice done before he left Dublin!

I was a little miffed that my project didn't come together for me yesterday. I did eventually move through the crux twice, but didn't have the energy to see the line through to the end.

Before I left for the Cave yesterday, Jono had said to me not to forget my usual bag of jellies as he was sure they were the fuel for his Cave crushing a week ago...

Maybe I just didn't eat enough of them?!

I'm planning on heading back to the Cave today to see if I can get Solstice done.

Are jellies enough or do I need to bake a pavlova before I go?!

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