Sunday, July 31, 2011


While I had a foot jammed into a crack on Solstice (7a+) in the cave yesterday, and as I was about to move my hands on the very much smaller holds that make up the line - I got scared.

The moves were fantastic and I can't wait to get back and do them again - but it's so rarely the case that I'm reluctant to do a move due to fear.

I was scared that if my hands slipped, my right foot would stay jammed and I might twist or break my ankle.

There was no need to drop off the line, I felt strong and I had a pad beneath me and Chris was spotting -

I never usually think of the potentially 'bad' consequences of doing a move on rock - but yesterday fear of injury took over and I had to walk away...

The main thing is, I'm excited to get back and try it again... If it were the case that I wanted to give it a miss, that would be far more of a worry.

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