Sunday, July 3, 2011

A 'Nearly There' Session!

The view from Howth out to Bray

After such a beautiful day yesterday, I was pretty happy out this weekend for bouldering fun, Portrane and Ayton's Cave were on the cards today, and Ayton's Cave won out in the end -

I was psyched to go, and John had said he was going too, so generously - Portrane was put on hold and Barry picked me up from Cherrywood and we drove out to Howth.

This weekend's weather has been nothing short of spectacular by Irish standards... 20 degree heat and clear blue skies - but the Cave makes no sense!

I was there last Wednesday and it was hailstoning/raining the whole time - totally dry cave... Today after 3 days of no rain what so ever - some of the holds were damp - none we actually wet - but the dampness was a constant concern...

John had the answer when he arrived, tissues plaster on to the holds amazingly well and soak up all the dampness, getting into every little groove - it's the way forward and far more effective than towels or cloths -

Barry blasted through Caroline's Traverse but I had trouble remembering the sequence and it took me a few attempts to figure it out - I wasn't too concerned though - my mind was on linking the moves of Loco Total -

The start moves held me back at first, but Barry put it all in context for me when he made the point that sometimes I'm not going to hit a hold perfectly - but I just need to keep going and get the move done!!

I took that on board and the whole thing came together for me today - I made it almost to Caroline's Traverse where the two lines join about 3 times and on my final attempt I linked it all up but I fell off the move coming around the corner of Caroline's Traverse - just after the join up... just before the rest!!

I was totally psyched to have made progress, but gutted to have fallen off at that point!

I was deliriously pumped and all systems failed at once!

I lay in a heap on the ground, unable to move!!

Barry on Maneater (7b+)

Barry made progress on Maneater and he looked solid on it - As I watched him work the problem time and time again, it occured to me that it wasn't that much different to Loco Total - the holds are just smaller, and the heel hooks are more tenuous and higher... the idea's the same though!!!

The guys arrived and John looked like someone had pressed the 'fast-forward' button as he climbed Carolines Traverse!

He went on to work the moves of a potential new line and the sequence through 'Maneater' looked like an absolute breeze - amazing to watch...

I nearly did Loco Total (7a) today, Barry nearly did Maneater (7b+) and John nearly sent his Project (hard!)... Nearly nearly nearly!!

Epic evening's climbing!!!

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