Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cave Life

Kev working Man Eater (7b+)

Got in from Ayton's Cave last night at about 11.30pm after an ok session on Loco Total...

It beat me again, but conditions were awful - the holds never dried and though I got a move further on the line, dry features and holds would have been a nice bonus!

Getting to the Cave last night was great craic - we arrived too early and the tide was in so we couldn't walk around - Naomi and Paul didn't have pads so they just climbed up and over a fairly high bit of cliff, but Kev and I didn't like the look of it with so much weight on our backs so Kev rolled up the ends of his tracksuit bottoms and strolled through the water in his runners...

The sun was shining and it didn't look like he got THAT wet... I thought it looked like fun...

I followed him around the corner through the water and it turns out - it was fun, but I have had soggy squelchy runners ever since... not a good move!!

Naomi, me, Tim, Chris, Kev, Paul, Tom, Ron, John and Claire were all there and though it wasn't the most productive session ever - with wet holds everywhere - it was great craic!

Tim even abandoned his climbing shoes for his swimming trunks mid way through the session and braved the evening waves of Howth for a quick swim... Needless to say he was on his own!


I'm convinced Loco Total will go next session. (hope I don't have to eat my words!)

Getting around the corner now feels solid after the link up between Loco Total and Caroline's Traverse... I knew what I was doing last night.

If it hadn't been for a foot slip from a slippy foot hold on one of my efforts I believe I had more in the tank to continue on further - but the end move is going to be tough, so after I was finished last night and too tired to climb anymore I practiced Kev's knee bar rest in the corner of Caroline's Traverse just before the final few moves.

That's going to be crucial!

Great night in what has to be Dublin's Premiere Bouldering Facility!!

Naomi Working Caroline's Traverse (6b) nearly in the dark!!


  1. Hey looks like your doing really well!
    Just wondering how far off low tide where you guys is it a case of you can walk in in high tide if pennys provide some approach flip flops for my gear bag? that would be worth the fiver and cold feet not to do the down climb

  2. As far as I know, going to the cave in high tide wouldn't be possible - the tide line is in the cave so you'd have to wait... we were there the other evening 2 hours before low tide and we had to walk through the water.

    Flip flops would have been good!!

    Usually an hour or so either side of low tide is cool for walking around - but if you go at high tide, you'll be swimming rather than climbing in the cave!!