Monday, April 25, 2011


Went for an evening session in Portrane today -

Haven't been there since before I joined the co op and I was excited to see how well I'd do! The rock is so different there - it all seems so polished and slippy and it just has to be held differently than the Wicklow granite I spend most of my time on.

Katie warming up

Had a great evening with Katie, Johno and Darragh in 'The Arch' area of Portrane - After warming up on Richie's Problem (5) and Problem 19 (6a) Katie and I worked away on 'Morning Glory' (6b) while the guys seem to blitz their way through the problems starting from Spiderman (6c+) and then moving along to X-Men (6c).

Darragh on Spiderman (6c+)

Johno on Morning Glory (6b)

After finishing up working on, but not sending, Morning Glory (6b) Katie and I joined the guys and started working on a sequence for X-Men (6c). Johno came within inches of flashing the problem only to be denied - he sent it a few attempts later. Darragh made short work of it too.

Johno on X-Men (6c)

The guys moved on to 'Radioactive Seaweed' (6c), sent after a few attempts - and 'Bop to the Top' (7a) which caused them trouble.

Johno on Radioactive Seaweed (6c)

Darragh on Radioactive Seaweed (6c)

Katie and I stayed working 'X-Men' and while I couldn't work out the opening move - Katie made it look easy. I got there eventually but really felt like I left my brain at home tonight...

Me working X-Men (6c)

The opening of the problem came together for me just as my energy disappeared. Can't wait to get back to it. I think the problem will go for me very quickly once I have the ability to think and remember to eat before I head bouldering next time!


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  1. Good stuff Trish! Don't miss out the other areas, where the rock quality is better. The alley (Andy's Problem), Pirates cove (Francis Drake and Granuaile) are great. The Pit ( Mr Muddle traverse and Mr Happy) is small but this is where the rock is best (solid, compact and not sharp).