Saturday, April 16, 2011


Was psyched to have a blast today in Glendalough, and started well warming up on the usual before out of nowhere, as I walked across a rock near The Rails I slipped on some grass and fell backwards cracking my ass/hip off the rock.

I flinched into the fetal position, it hurt so much there were even tears...

It's sore to move... I can only describe it as having stunned my muscles and a dull pain lingers all down my femur and all over my ass and lower back with the point of impact a far sharper type of pain!! Not good!

I went off to lie down, feeling pretty dizzy, I thought I might fall over - downed a bottle of lucozade and felt better after that. joined the guys on the end of the warm up and climbed a slab behind The Rails, but my hip and back were just too sore and it wasn't worth climbing.

Sat out the rest of the session in Glendo until we got to Rhythm and Stealth, had to give it a go and having caught the compression move last week for the first time, this session I could catch it consistently and slap up to the crimp narrowly missing out each time... One attempt saw me miss out by only a fraction.

My mind was on the pain though, so I'm hoping that means that the next time I'm on the problem and focused, it should go...

I'm glad to have done another session on Rhythm and Stealth but if I was very sensible I would have sat it out as my back is screaming at me now!!

I look forward to an unmerciful bruise!


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