Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nothing left to give.

Wicked early start this morning for a quick run around Glendalough. Thanks so much to Barry for the lift to the lovely boulders!

Fantastic morning's bouldering, in cool sunshine with a breeze that picked up to a cold wind by mid morning.

Got well acquainted with the problems around the Ruins and finally ticked 'The Plum' (6a+) that was inaccessible for the last while due to water logging. A really classic problem, with super cool moves, like a broken record I'm going to say the grade for me seems more like a 6b... but that; as always is open to discussion!

Had a couple of attempts on 'Quality Control' (6c), got off the ground well and was oh so close to catching the opening hold, Barry ran up the problem and then did Craftsmanship (6c+), the right version, for good measure.

Moved on to Big Jane and tried Andy's Arete (7a+), I'm getting there, but I'm not there yet - again, Barry flew up it after a couple of slips in the blazing sun - the conditions on that particular line were not in our favour today.

Moved on to spotting Barry on Leftism (7c) and he looked super solid on the opening phase - had a few attempts on Rhythm and Stealth (7a) but if I'm honest, I was just tired and sore after Mall Hill on Thursday and though I'm getting more and more solid on the switch move that see's my right hand go from a jug to a side pull, I still can't stick it... The more I'm on it, the more I'm learning though!

On we went to Afro Left (7a+) I was too tired and Barry had busted a tip on Leftism so we moved on quickly to Pokery (6c) Barry sent it while I attempted it twice (good attempts they were too) before conceding that my tank was well and truly empty...

Fingers are the worst they've ever been.

After a week that saw more outdoor sessions than indoor sessions (the way it should be), I'm in pieces and It's finally time to rest.

Glued to my couch now after watching a great Irish victory over England in the Rugby... where were this team for the last year?

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