Sunday, March 27, 2011


Hit Ben's Font/Cloghogue today with Diarmuid and James and found myself in one of the most picturesque settings one could hope to spend a Sunday.

Getting to Cloghogue was an adventure in itself... Displaying some innovative and alternative driving skills, Diarmuid coaxed his car which is on the brink of death, up and down the hills in a jolted but impressive automobile experience. Indeed there were times along the way that all three of us fell silent as our faith in the car's integrity was tested, but it got us there in the end and all credit goes to Diarmuid for his patience, understanding and sensitivity towards his troubled car... She's a trooper!

Had such a fun morning/afternoon there today. It wasn't about ticking anything in particular or the tough lines we'd like to siege... Today was brilliant fun, rarely stopped laughing all morning, it was exactly what I needed before I head off to Font on Thursday -

The pictures of the place speak for themselves I feel...

Me on the finishing part of the traverse (6b+) on the Hobbiton Boulder (too tired to top it out)

Working Crucifix (6c+)

Diarmuid on Crucifix (got to the end - had it wired after a few attempts!)

James on Crucifix

Diarmuid having a nap in the lovely sun!

Diarmuid working 'Nearly Headless', topped it out later on!

Diarmuid on Sad Punk (6b)

Clohogue is an amazing place, lovely bouldering but I'd recommend heading there with a FULL compliment of fingertip and palm skin as the lines are all sharp and unforgiving.

After walking out, there was really only one question on our minds... would the car start... it did and the drive home was far smoother... there may be life in that car yet!!

Perfect Sunday.

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  1. Ah Ben's Font! And wait until the cowslips are out! End of April when the bog dries a bit, you can even have proper picknicks there!