Monday, November 22, 2010

Indestructible or lucky

I've fallen on my head over 20 times during my years as a trampolinist, I've slipped a disc in my back, I've broken a rib and I've suffered stress fractures the length of my ankles and shins...

Pulling whatever it was in my wrist that I did hurt more than all of that (except the slip disc... I couldn't walk with that...) Point is - it was only a tiny little finger problem as opposed to nearly breaking my neck etc... but it hurt like hell!!

Today I went to the physio to see what the story was - he checked me, and rechecked and was looking at me puzzled before he said...

You seem to have got away scot-free!

I've a muscle tear in my forearm and have to take a week off... but it would seem the icing of my wrist and the taping down of my fingers so as not to use them caught it early!!

The physio (absolute genius for anyone who's in Dublin his name is Aidan Woods and he works out of Pearse St Physio) said to me that a week off followed by a couple of weeks easy training should see me right!!!

Wrist is still sore and the deep tissue massage he did on my forearm hurt like hell, but one of two things is happening here...

either I'm indestructible (which is doubtful!) or the luckiest gal there is in Dublin on this rainy Monday evening!



  1. lucky lady! enjoy the rest, it's a great time of year for it too with all the parties going on...